Here’s what kids are saying about us…

“Before I came to Thinking Caps, I thought a 5 was an ‘S’ ! Now I can add big numbers in my head!”
Victoria, Aged 8
“Did you know Maths used to be my worst subject and now I really like it? !!!!”
Eli, Aged 9
“I think that Thinking Caps is really good because it helps me with my learning to prove that I am very good at my Maths.”
Kara, Aged 9
“I really like Maths because my tutor makes it easy to learn and I’ve got 3 certificates because I have worked really hard on my homework.”
Jack, Aged 7
“I love Maths now because I can do it!”
Brianna, Aged 8
“I love coming to tutoring because I learn so much!”
Jamie, Aged 10
“Thinking Caps is really cool. Now I LOVE Maths!”
Charlotte, Aged 7
“I enjoy going to Thinking Caps because it makes Maths fun and it makes Maths easier to understand.”
David, Aged 8
“I love coming to Maths because it’s helpful and makes me learn.”
Jacinta, Aged 9
“I love Maths because you can learn all sorts of times-tables and takeaways and stuff.”
Caitlin, Aged 8
“I am passing more tests because of what they taught me, I love it.”
Haylie, Aged 7
“I love it, I could stay all day, it is so much fun!”
Jay, Aged 7

“Gives your child the skills they need
to explain their thinking in Maths”

Here’s what parents are saying about us…

“Thank you so much for your feedback on my boy. He is loving the extra Maths class and is coming along nicely!  I agree with you that his whole attitude has changed. I have parent interviews at the end of the month, so hopefully it is noticeable in class too! You’re doing such a great job with my son and I really appreciate it!  GO THINKING CAPS!”
Kelly, Whangaparaoa
“Thinking Caps has been absolutely brilliant for our daughter… not only has she gained a better understanding of Maths but she has also gained confidence which has shown through in her other school subjects. We have also noticed how much enthusiasm she now has for Maths. Her bedroom windows have times tables, prime numbers and factors of written all over them… We couldn’t be more pleased with the results she has achieved through Thinking Caps!”
Michelle & Kevin, Red Beach
“My daughter started attending tutoring at Thinking Caps after her school report showed that she was below average in most areas of Maths. In the time that she has attended, I have found all of the Thinking Caps staff to be extremely professional and caring.  Aspects of the tutoring session are recorded in an exercise book which my daughter brings home and explains to us what she has been learning.  As a parent I have greatly appreciated being kept in the loop and being a part of the learning too.  Having trained teachers as part of the tutoring staff I believe has proved invaluable, and as a result of the tutoring sessions, my daughter recently received an above average grade in Maths for the first time ever. She has grown so much in confidence and this confidence has flowed into other areas of her learning as well. I would not hesitate to recommend Thinking Caps to all parents who want their child to have improved results in Maths.”
Lisa, Orewa
“Our son is really enjoying Thinking Caps and looks forward to it all week! He no longer thinks Maths is a big scary jumble of numbers, which is absolutely fantastic to see. So a big thanks from very relieved parents!”
Pamela, Whangaparaoa
“Hi Julie,
Thanks so much for the feedback. I’ve certainly noticed a difference with his confidence when having to do his maths homework, its no longer a big battle like it used to be!! 🙂   He always comes out of the sessions very happy and bursting with enthusiasm – so thanks so much – we both think you’re awesome!!”
Lisa, Stanmore Bay
“I cannot thank you enough for your work with my daughter. Honestly, it’s a huge weight off my shoulders to see that she is now starting to make improvements. She came home extremely proud of herself today, which is fantastic, such a confidence boost for her. She couldn’t wait to tell me… Yay !!! I am looking forward to watching her coming on further with your help again for the rest of the year.”
Jeni, North Shore
“We are pleased with our son’s progress to date. Many thanks to the team at Thinking Caps for that. He really does have a much better attitude towards Maths now, which is awesome!”
M. Taylor, Red Beach
“In a short period of time, Thinking Caps has given our daughter the confidence she needed to help improve her Maths and grasp the basic foundations to help her overcome early obstacles and fear of BIG numbers. We can’t thank you enough! Kara has a totally different outlook now to Maths!”

Kate & Simon, Red Beach
“Since my daughter has joined your classes we have been delighted with the improvement in her grasp of mathematics.  She has improved dramatically in her school class placement and really enjoys this subject that she once dreaded!  She constantly does mathematical sums and looks on it as a game now rather than a school subject.  In fact, I am always amazed at some of the very clever ways you have taught her to remember calculus. So our sincere thanks for making it such a fun class and something she really looks forward to participating in.”

S. Anderson, Manly
“I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My daughter came home from school yesterday and was just buzzing.  Maths is now her favourite subject at school and she is feeling successful.  She says she loves Friday’s now because of Maths tutoring.  Wow, that’s half the battle!  She now asks me to quiz her on basic facts, which was something she was so reluctant to do prior to coming to you!”

A. Mackereth, Red Beach
“I feel confident, that in coming to you our son is moving forward with his Maths and this helps him develop confidence generally.”
C. Clarke, Stanmore Bay
“Just to let you know that Chris achieved 98% in his Mathathon test at Level 5. I know that your strategies have helped him achieve this.”

G. McKinstry, Gulf Harbour
“Thanks so much for what you’re doing for my daughter. I am frankly astounded at the progress. She is an entirely different girl to the one at the beginning of the term. Pretty soon she’ll be better than me and then I’ll have to book myself in to catch up!”

Harley, Orewa
“I just wanted to say how amazing I think your classes are. My daughter came home SOOOO excited about Maths and couldn’t wait to tell me what she learnt. She’s had a Maths test at school today and only got 1 wrong. The credit is all to your teachings. Money well spent in my book. I just wish we got onto you a year ago!!!”
Charlotte, Stanmore Bay
“Hi Michele,
Thanks for your email. It’s so great to hear about Amie’s triumphants. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in her self-confidence and attitude towards Maths recently and after each lesson with you, we look at her book together… I just wish we’d come to you a year ago! Thanks so much.”

Kate, Red Beach
“Thanks for all your help with our son with his maths – it’s great that he does enjoy it and is learning to understand all the concepts much better.”
D. Farrow, Manly
“I just wanted to thank you for making my girl’s day yesterday.  She came out of your session such a changed girl who had a hunger to do more Maths. She was so ecstatic and could not stop raving about you and how you make Maths so much fun!
Whatever worries she had before hand – have gone out the door and she is looking forward to her next meeting with you.
I had her in the car on the way home non stop talking about her session!
So keep up the great work with helping kids – you’ve got some fans from our household.”
Talie, Red Beach
“Just wanted to say what a great class Sophie & Lucy had last night. Lucy didn’t stop talk about it in fact.  It was quite amazing that Lucy could fully explain to us how she was working out her sums with the techniques she has learnt.  Previously in programmes we attended for Maths we never really saw what the kids had learnt…  I was just given test results which showed they had improved but the kids never had anything to reflect on like the books they have with you.
Many thanks from 2 happy parents.”
Julia, Dairy Flat
“Thanks for the update on Jamie. She is really enjoying the Maths tutoring and is understanding things much better in the classroom. Tutoring is the highlight of her week! Thanks for making such a difference to her learning. We certainly appreciate it.”
J. Bateman, Whangaparaoa
“It is great to see my daughter really enjoying her Maths and it is making a difference to her confidence having all your lovely positive comments about how well she is doing.”

H. Humphries, Manly
“Thinking Caps made my daughter enjoy Maths for the first time, as she got to grips with the concepts and strategies in a fun way. It was less than a term before she said she was ‘loving maths now.”
B.Marshall, Red Beach
“Thanks to Thinking Caps my daughter now uses the words ‘love’ and ‘maths’ in the same sentence and that was unheard of before! It’s the best money I’ve spent, the results have been absolutely fantastic and the teachers are quite simply superb.”

J. Thomas, Reda Beach

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