Thinking Caps – maths tuition for kids
Meet Michele & Julie

Thinking Caps for Kids has been created by Michele Yock and Julie Whitcombe. Both have been full-time primary school teachers and have taught in classrooms using the Numeracy Project. Julie worked for the Ministry of Education introducing the Numeracy Project to teachers across Auckland, which has given her an in-depth understanding of the Numeracy Project Frameworks.

Together, they have developed Thinking Caps for Kids Ltd to address the needs of children who would benefit from a boost in Maths.

They have carefully chosen experienced, well-liked teachers from their teaching careers to help them run
small groups. All of the tutors are well versed in the Numeracy Project and have a great ability to motivate children and create a positive learning experience.

Over their time helping children with their Maths, Thinking Caps has been approached by parents for Reading and Writing help and now have tutors helping children in these areas too. Thinking Caps have found tutors and liked-minded teachers who are skilled in this area and can support children’s learning.

Study Buddy is the newest tutoring lessons to be offered; where older students are helping younger students with exam preparation or particular subject area. Once again, Thinking Caps have chosen a wonderful bunch of mature young adults who have the ability to help these younger students as they have “been there and done that!”

Michele Yock & Julie Whitcombe

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