Tutoring Years 3-13
Create a better future for your child by improving their attitude to learning
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Do you have concerns about your child’s learning?


Take steps to boost their motivation and encourage a positive attitude towards learning.

Let’s face it, school has changed a lot since we were kids.


And it keeps on changing.


It’s hard to keep up with it all as a parent. When you add in our own blocks and experiences in learning, and our desire to see our children doing well, it’s easy to see why we put so much time and thought into trying to make our children do the best they can.


But it seems the more we try as parents, the harder it all gets.


That’s where Thinking Caps comes in.
What can you expect when you work with us?

A welcoming start

We take time to work out the best start point for your child, including covering what they are covering at school.


We’re here to meet their highest needs first.

Tailored tutoring

We take time to find out how best your child learns, adapting our techniques and methods to help them discover their optimum learning style

Progress & confidence

We keep on learning together building confidence, practicing new skills and helping them (and you) see results from all of their hard work. 

Why Thinking Caps?
Do you find it challenging to help your child with literacy skills like reading, writing and spelling?
Are homework battles a daily struggle? Have you heard of Structured Literacy but don’t know what it is?
We’re here to help!

There is so much hype in the media at the moment about Structured Literacy and the way Kiwi kids are learning to read, write and spell. As a parent, we know you just want the best for your child, but it can be pretty overwhelming knowing where to start. 

That’s why we’ve put together this guide – just for you!  

Literacy learning is all about helping your child become a confident reader, writer and speller. It’s like cracking the code to a world of stories, knowledge, and creativity. 

In our guide, we will explain what Structured Literacy is and why it is so important for your child to develop these key literacy skills. 

We know that it can be a struggle to get your child to engage with learning at home… so we will help you discover practical and exciting literacy activities that will turn learning into a fun and rewarding experience – for both of you! 

Won’t it feel great to have peace and harmony again, and a child who loves learning? 

Download our easy guide to supporting your child’s literacy learning at home and start seeing the difference today!
Here’s what our parents say you’ll get out of Thinking Caps

Tutoring we offer

Years: 3 – 6

45 minute sessions: $45 – $95

We run in-school Maths and Literacy group lessons in schools across the Hibiscus Coast and North Shore. In-school lessons are hands-on and fun! Children are tutored in small groups – based on their learning level.

Study Buddy
Years: 3 – 13

1 hour sessions: $50 – $75

Study Buddy is a fantastic option where older students are helping younger students with exam preparation or with a particular subject area.

Virtual lessons
Years: 3 – 13

1 hour sessions: $50 – $75

These lessons use our virtual tutoring solution, providing all of the benefits of our on-site lessons without the need for you to be in Hibiscus Coast. These are not pre-recorded sessions or a computer-based programme where children simply punch in their answers. They are face-to-face lessons online!

Featured tutors

Virtual Tutoring

Emma Mischewski


I can tutor:

  • Maths: Year 6-8
  • Science: Year 6-8

Study Buddy

Madalyn Cantelo


I can tutor:

  • Maths: Year 3-8
  • English: Year 3-7

Study Buddy

Madison Brown


I can tutor:

  • Maths: Year 3-12
  • Biology: Year 7-13
  • Chemistry: Year 7-13
  • English: Year 3-9

Work courses & other activities

Holiday Chess Club

@ Thinking Caps HQ | 6a David Sidwell Place, Stanmore Bay, Auckland

Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Price: TBA

Our aim for our Chess Club Day is for you to learn something new and to have fun - no matter your current skill level in Chess. We have chess club quality sets (including timers) so you'll feel like a pro!

First Aid Certificate Course

@ Thinking Caps HQ | 6a David Sidwell Place, Stanmore Bay, Auckland

Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Price: TBA

NZQA standards 6401: How to provide First Aid 6402: How to provide basic life support

Articles and tips


We appreciate your positive and interesting teaching strategies , our son does enjoy the lessons very much. We are delighted to hear he always tries to explore more methods to solve problems, that’s pretty valuable. Thank you so much for all your dedication. We are looking forward to joining next term’s lessons.
Browns Bay Mum
Wow, what a wonderful place! The ladies were so welcoming and instantly put my daughter at ease. My daughter’s study buddy Madalyn was so kind & friendly. My daughter came home with a huge smile and said “they make maths fun”. Can’t thank you enough!
Victoria Brownlie
I just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you so much for getting our daughter in! When she left yesterday, she had a massive smile on her face and said ‘I feel so proud of myself’ - something she’s never said coming out of school! She’s already looking forward to next week’s session!!
Grateful and relieved Mum, Whangaparaoa
Online lessons are fun, we get to learn lots of useful strategies that I can learn at school, and I can do this at home.
Anna, Year 6
At first, I said to myself, “Math sucks I can’t do it!” But hey, math is way more fun than I thought and I now know what I’m doing thanks to the awesome tutors I’ve had at Thinking Caps!” Thank you soooooo much.
Patcha, aged 10
I enjoy going to Thinking Caps because it makes Maths fun and it makes Maths easier to understand.
David, aged 8