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Numeracy Packs

Our exciting Numeracy resources are designed to build solid foundations in children’s number knowledge and develop the language of Maths.


These resources have been inspired by teachers who have had many years experience in the classroom and tutoring maths as a business.

These activities address children being able to practise verbalising their thinking about numbers.


Positive experiences and scaffolded learning in pre-school or in the home environment are important in order to build confident learners as children move towards school.


Our resources are effective teaching tools for success in Numeracy. They will help children develop the ability to count, sequence numbers and recognise numbers to 10 and beyond.


These resources are fun, brightly coloured with heavy duty laminating and Velcro. Great for hands-on learning!


Specifically designed for one-on-one or small teaching groups, these resource packs come with a full set of instructions for each activity and prompts to use with the children that are the same prompts that are being used in the classroom.


Specific learning goals:

  • recognise numerals and their order/sequence to 10
  • recognise numerals to 20 and their sequence/order to start thinking in sets
  • recognise dice patterns
  • recognise and reinforce patterns to 5 and then 10
  • learn basic facts “with 5”
  • learn “5 and…” patterns
  • learn simple addition and subtraction facts to 10


These packs are available for individual purchase of parents or teacher aides, and bulk purchase for early childhood education and entrant classrooms.

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