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In School Tutoring

Yr 3 - 6

We work on Maths with children in Years 3-6 (plus Years 7 & 8 at some schools).
Your child is taught in a small group by one of our teachers, in a specified area of the school, usually a withdrawal room or spare classroom.
Lessons are for 45 minutes, once a week.


Lessons are during class time, so your child will be withdrawn from class to come to Thinking Caps.

A good option for busy kids and parents!


We run tutoring sessions within many schools on the Hibiscus Coast and the Upper North Shore.


We have been working within some schools since 2007 and have established a very friendly professional relationship with teachers within these schools.


Students who attend Thinking Caps are grouped within their ability stage and work in a small group with a tutor for 45 minutes.

These sessions are based on building off by heart knowledge and working on strategies that are specific for the terms work


  • Addition/Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Fractions
  • Basic facts/Place Value


Sessions are all planned as a progression to carry on from one another to build on and be able to reinforce both knowledge and strategies goals.


Kids love these sessions!


Parents see an immediate change of attitude because of the positive, supportive way in which the tutors approach each session!


Teachers see an improvement and notice the children become more risk-taking with Maths.


Thinking Caps strives to develop a love of Maths for kids which can then spill over to improving in other subjects and of course, gaining confidence so they feel better about themselves and their learning!


If Thinking Caps is not part of your child’s school, ask about getting Thinking Caps into your school, or have a look for an After-School option.


In-school lessons are:


  • once a week
  • during class time
  • in small groups (no more than 5)
  • 45 minutes
We are currently booking spaces in
Creating confidence